Last day

Well today is our last day at Danita’s.  We are preparing for a long day of travel and decompression.  It has been a very spiritual, emotional and giving experience.  As we reflect on our time it seems short and we marvel at the volunteers that have committed a month or more to their work here. 


We feel we have accomplished something good for Danita’s Children through you, all of our supporters who read this and wait for our return.  We, all of us here in Haiti and back home, have had an impact in a small way on the lives of others who need assistance.  We have kept our hearts open, been willing to learn and be teachable.  We have struggled with our own humility as being humble is the only true place where a person can learn.  There are certain things that people can only learn through experiencing them.  Gratitude, Perspective and Thanks are a few items we have learned a bit more of this past week.  We still have a lot more to learn.


Our time has exceeded all of our expectations.  The travel was safe and swift.  Crossing borders and customs was smooth.  The volunteers, missionaries, children and staff were wonderful. The success here and th vast opportunities overwhelm us.  However, being here and experiencing Danita’s vision has changed us.  So many people have wondered what to do about Haiti.  How do you help a country that have so much need and do not seem to have the capacity to help themselves?  Do you start at the top?  Is it financial, political or cultural?


Danita’s vision is to change the lives of people through a passion for excellence. Day in and day out.  The staff, the children the missionaries and the volunteers never accept ‘good enough.’  Outside the gate, ‘good enough’ is OK for today.  However, within the walls of the campus, ‘good enough’ will not cut it.  And that is what these kids experience every day in school, at play in their rooms of the orphanage.  Excellence is being engrained in their being.  Excellence is what they will take when they leave.  They will bring it to their colleges, the other students they encounter and eventually they will teach it to their children.  Danita’s grandchildren will change Haiti and eventually the world.  That opportunity and have but a small role is very humbling indeed.  We are grateful to be apart and count the days until we can get back home, get back to work and get back here.


Thanks to you all for your love, prayers and support

-Team Haiti




One response to “Last day

  • Christine

    You guys are amazing and very inspiring! What a great experience. Can\’t wait to hear all about it and hopefully join you on a trip soon! Can\’t wait to see you Dad!!! Love, Bean, Gil and Kyle

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