Update and Preparing for our Vision Trip (9/1/2010 – 9/4/2010)


Hello all!!!!


Since our Last trip six months ago (see posts below), Tower Hill’s Team Haiti has been hard at work on a number of projects with Danita’s Children in Ouanaminthe.  There has been so much progress on many fronts.  The list below is just some highlights of works in progress:


        Backpack program for the schools children

        Sponsorship for the Clinic

        HIV Testing program

        Vaccination Program

        NurseSoft – Medical Records program

        Sponsorship of Children

        Teacher Sponsorship

        Donation and supplies shipping to Danita’s

        Sports Equipment Donations


        5K Run Planning

        Coordinating a visit from Danita to the NY Area

        Technology and network support

        Presentations for local NJ schools


We are now preparing for our next trip.  It is a smaller ‘Vision Trip’ with fewer travelers. 


A vision trip differs from our first visit (a Mission Trip) in that the goals are a little less ‘hands-on’ and more investigative and educational.  The travelers for the trip are Gary, Steve Ned and Adam.  But don’t worry; we still have a lot to do!


While at Danita’s we will be delivering eight duffel bags of donations from team members and extended teams including sports equipment, clothing, medical supplies, beanie babies (thank you Sarah and Rachel!) as well as items that we did not have room for from our last trip!


We will also be spending time touring the facilities, meeting with staff and children, participating in some daily routines and investigating additional ways that the team can support and spread the word!


We ask for your thoughts and prayers and to please post any comments for the team!!!  You have no idea how energizing your posts are for the travelers!!!!!!  (Keep in mind your posts are visible to all).


Our goal will be to update this blog more as we get closer to the trip and to try and update it each day so you can see pictures and progress.


Some Background if you are not familiar with our efforts:


Why Haiti? 

Team Haiti has been around for more than three years.  Some members of the team are new; some have been here since the beginning.  We have planned and deployed a number of trips to Haiti. 


While there is work to be done all over the world and very close to home, the team feels that there is a very strong need in Haiti.  Many countries and communities have the ability to offer basic services to those in need, Haiti does not.  Simply put, it is a matter of life and death.  These orphans need support and an advocate.  Our team supports that advocate – Danita’s


Why blog?

This trip is not about the team members.  It is about helping others.  The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness to you, our readers.  Full transparency – we are trying to make you aware and get you engaged.  We are looking to establish a longer term relationship with Danita’s and broad support.  That is where you come in.  When the team returns, we will need help.  If you have any interest in supporting the longer term efforts, please let us know.  Perhaps you will be on the next trip?


What’s next?

Now our focus is packing and getting the last minute items ready to go!  So many people have been so gracious with their support! 


Best and please come back to this blog and look in on us!!!


– Team Haiti



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