Back in Ouanaminthe

It is day one of our return trip to Danita’s and we have had a very long day of travel that started at 2:00AM.  We arrived in the DR safely with no issue, passed through customs and had a smooth ride (as smooth possible for the DR) to the Haitian border.  Crossing the border took only a few minutes.  We had lunch, got to the hotel and are looking forward to dinner and a short tour of the facilities.  Looks like it will be an early night as we are all exhausted! 

We are very excited to see many of our friends who live and work at Danita’s including Britney, Heather, Karris, Sheree, Annie and Michael.  The kids seem to be doing great (all 130+) and there is a lot of laughter. 

Really looking forward to tomorrow.  Ned has 12 computers to convert from Spanish to English and build from the ground up.  We have a tour of the city planned as well as time to discuss current projects and future opportunities.  All and all… very exciting!!! 

Please leave us a message on the blog.  Would be great to hear from you!!!!

Some photos from today:

Ned and his new friend:

Arriving at the compound:



Britney and Heather:

Benedith (middle right – brown shirt )with his gifts from sponsors Maryann and Art Livingston:


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