Vision Trip Day 2

We are well in to our second day and here and there has been some great discussions and works.

For any of you who might be concerned with our caloric intake, please rest assured that we are eating well and often.  We may need a diet when we get home !

Ned has spent a good amount of time on the computers and has been facing a ton of challenges (first issue was that they have a Spanish version of Windows.  Second is that the network is exceedingly slow!  We are making progress, but it might be a long night!

Sheree took Gary and Steve on a tour of the village and visited some of the families and children in the local area.  Seeing what Danita and her team have built in the middle of harsh conditions accents how much of a miracle and sanctuary the orphanage is.  As Kim and Denise back home say “It is an oasis.”

Gary, Adam and Steve played a quick pick-up game of basketball with some of the girls.  For anyone who might be curious, Pastor Steve is a ringer.  He made some serious baskets from deep and not even Gary’s height advantage was a match for the bulls-eye baskets!  Adam shot a number of bricks and did a fair job of keeping himself from getting hurt!

Tonight we sat with Danita and Sheree after dinner to review the projects that we have been working on and to discuss local visits to NYC and NJ.  There is a great fit that has emerged as we have worked together over the past year.  Team Haiti is looking to work in an ongoing project fashion and Danita’s is looking for a long term partner.  They described us as a ‘Member of the family’ and are looking forward to seeing the full team in October!

Some more pictures for your viewing:

Sports Equipment donations hard at work (this soccer ball traveled from New Jersey) to find this happy home:

Denise….Got to love Denise….



Progress on the clinic – Tower Hill donations hard at work:

Progress with Ned (this is the coolest room on the compound):

Gary and Steve going to the dental clinic:

Getting the vision for the homes for the children:

Gary and Ned tackle the network:

The dental clinic progressing:


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