Day three….

Well, today is our last full day here in Ouanaminthe.  We are all very sad to leave but extremely excited to be heading home to see our loved-ones.

Today was a very good day indeed:

  • We unloaded the eight duffel-bags of donations – Heather said that everything we brought was perfect – extra special thanks to Art, Cathy, Shelley and especially Ann P. for the donations and the help with packing!
  • We were able to get 12 School computers loaded up and networked with the latest software
  • We distributed a number of toys to the kids (Sports equipment donations, ETC.)  An extra special of thanks to Sarah and Rachel Basore for the Beanies!  Lots of smile (see picture below).
  • We took a trip across the border (on Market day) to get access to an faster ISP.  Should be a few days and there will be a more stable access for all. 
  • Gary P. spent a good part of the morning taking photos of the teachers to go with the bios for the teacher sponsorship program.  That project is in the home stretch.
  • We have confirmed the dates of the visits for Danita to NYC and NJ (Tower Hill on 10/19 and Microsoft on 10/20).  These will be absolutely great events!

Aside from the broader goals of the Vision Trip, many of the projects with Danita’s took  big steps forward with this visit.

Lubenson gets his Beanie Baby (named Sarge):

Gary getting some exercise:

Walking in town:

More progress on the clinic.  First floor concrete going in….

Steve….  Well doing what what Steve does….


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