Back home


After a very long day of travel (can you believe we had traffic in NYC on Saturday night? ), we are back home in NJ.  So excited to see our family and friends!

The trip was such a great success and it was amazing to see all of the children and team at Danita’s!  How do we know it was successful?  Besides the overwhelming feelings of gratitude for working with such a great team as Danita’s, most of the discussion on the last day centered around planning the next trips.  When you hear the phrase “next time we come down…” begin a sentence, you know the trip is a success.

As you can see if was not completely all work:

Ned’s Birthday:

That’s not fair!:

Aside from the great work and progress we made on the projects, the depth and expansion of the relationship with Danita’s and the Team was significant.  The Vision Team members and the broader, full Team Haiti are very excited for Danita travels to NYC (Microsoft) and NJ (Tower Hill) in October.  Although we have been back home for only one day, plans for the visits are already in the works!  To quote Ned, “it is gonna be ‘off the hook’ !”

Thank you to all of our supporters who made this trip possible!  Special thanks to our significant others (Julie, Ann, Danielle and Kim) who put up with lots of logistics (and executed a few) to plan this trip and also to make sure we had the time to go!

Thank you to the core and extended members of Team Haiti!!  Gathering materials, helping with plans and packing the duffels.  Your giving for a trip taken by others was selfless and wonderful!  You embody the spirit that makes working in mission great. 

Lastly, thank you to our friends at Microsoft who raised $2,000 through personal donations and the matching program!  The giving spirit is alive and thriving through your actions and compassion!!

2010 Vision Team (L to R): Gary, Adam Steve and Ned:

Thanks to you all for your love, prayers and support

-Team Haiti


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